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Materials Modeling and
Simulation for Nuclear Fuels

Please submit abstracts by September 15, 2009.

19-21 OCTOBER 2009

Sandia National Labs
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The goal of MMSNF workshops is to stimulate research and discussions on modelling and simulations of nuclear fuels, with fuel performance and transient analysis codes the ultimate benefactors. In addition to endeavors based on existing or improved types of LWR reactors, in recent years there has been a blossoming of programs, networks and links aimed at defining modelling tools to develop innovative nuclear fuels and materials for future generations of nuclear reactors. Examples of this can be found in Europe (e.g. ACTINET network activities), in the USA (e.g. CMSN network activities) and also in Japan (e.g. the NXO project). The rationale behind this workshop is to contribute to improving the communication links and to stimulate synergies among different groups. The goal of this workshop is to encourage discussions between the participants.

A registration fee of $200 includes transportation to and from the workshop hotel to the meeting venue and workshop dinner location. Also included will be refreshments, lunches during the workshop and the workshop dinner (Tuesday, 20 October).

Please contact Tim Bartel ( for questions or more information.

Local Committee

Tim Bartel (SNL, USA) (
Marius Stan (LANL, USA)
Mark Lusk (CSM, USA)
Torey Semi (CSM, USA)

SNL - Sandia National Laboratories
LANL - Los Alamos National Laboratory
CSM - Colorado School of Mines