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Phase-Field Simulation of Void and Fission-Gas Bubble Evolution in Irradiated Polycrystalline Materials

An atomic insight of the primary irradiation damages in nuclear fuel UO2 with molecular dynamics simulations
Fully-coupled Engineering and Mesoscale Simulations of Thermal Conductivity in UO2 Fuel Using an Implicit Multiscale Approach
Analysis of bulk properties and defect energetics in γU
DFT+U modeling of oxygen point defects in uranium dioxide: imposing and monitoring occupation matrices
Stability and migration mechanisms of volatile elements in uranium carbide
Nuclear Fuel Behaviour Modelling at the Royal Military College of Canada
CANDU Fuel Element Behaviour Modelling
Oxygen diffusion in relation to p-type doping in uranium dioxide
Development of a Gibbs Energy Minimizer for Integration
into Nuclear Fuel Performance Codes
Models and Simulations of Nuclear Fuels: Results and Strategy
The results and perspectives of the Safety of Advanced Nuclear Fuels project at ITU
Potts Model for Simulating Main Characteristics of High Burnup Structure in UO2 Nuclear Fuels
Advances in phase-field modelling of laser flash experiments
BISON: An Implicit Solution Framework for Fuel
Performance Simulation
Thermochemical Modeling of Fluorite-Structure Actinide Oxides
First principles study of noble gas impurities and defects in UO2
Model of Actinides Transport in Fast Reactor
XANES and the electronic state of Americium oxides
Grain boundary structures and influence on segregation properties in uranium dioxide
Radiation Damage in UO2 by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Thermochemical modeling of advanced oxide and carbide nuclear fuels within the FUELBASE project
The Effect of Electron-Ion Coupling on Radiation Damage Simulations of a Pyrochlore Waste Form
Simulations of dynamic crack propagation using the material point method
Ab Initio Calculation of Fission Product Gas Dynamics in UO2 as a Function of Lattice Dilation
Development of microscale testing methods for assessing radiation damage in metals
Development of a mesoscale approach to the swelling of nuclear fuels
Mesoscale modeling of the mechanical response of UO2 microstructures
Density Functional Theory and f-electron systems: relativity and exchange-correlation functionals.
Framework for Mesoscale Simulation of Microstructural Evolution of Nuclear Fuels using Potts Kinetic Monte Carlo Methods
Defect Clustering and Xenon Migration in UO2
Stoichiomtry Drift Behavior of Mixed Oxide Fuel during Air Atmosphere Storage
First-principles calculations of physical properties of light actinide oxides.
Simulating Xe redistribution in UO2±x