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November 20 and 21, 2003
New Orleans, LA

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The MMSNF Workshop series aims at stimulating research and discussions on modeling properties of ceramic and metallic fuels and coupling the results with the fuel performance codes. Multi-scale models and simulations involving various methods, such as CALPHAD, SOLGASMIX, Finite Element Method, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo and First Principles calculations are welcomed. Presentation of experimental results that define requirements, guide, or challenge modeling and simulation is encouraged.

Sessions will include:

  •  Fuel Codes
  •  Modeling and Simulations
  •  The Impact of Modeling, Simulations, and Fuel Codes on Nuclear Fuels Development
This workshop follows the American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting (November 16-20 in New Orleans, Louisiana) and is a continuation of the MMSNF Workshop, June 9-10, 2003, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
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