Materials Models and Simulations for Nuclear Fuels:  MMSNF - 6 

December 13-14, 2007

Koshiba-Hall, University of Tokyo, Hongo

Tokyo, Japan


The MMSNF Workshops aim at stimulating research and discussions on modeling and simulations of nuclear fuels and coupling the results with fuel performance codes. Brief presentations of multi-scale (first principles, atomistic, meso-scale, and continuum) theory-based models and simulations of material properties are encouraged. Experimental results that define requirements, guide or challenge the models are also welcome. The presentations are followed by discussions of each sessionfs theme. The workshop will result in a report containing recommendations for a framework that will encourage and facilitate international collaborations in the area of nuclear fuels models and simulations. All presentations will be loaded on to a CD and distributed to participants.

- Participation without presentation is appreciated.
- Participation fee is 10,000 Yen for all participants.
   It will be collected at the reception desk
- Please visit and fill the resistration form at



   Several convenient hotels are available

   1) Forest Hongo

      Room charge from 10640YEN(single) to 18480YEN(twin), In ternet only available at Roby

   3) Ohgai Hotel

   4) Ueno Terminal Hotel

   5) Parkside Hotel

   6) Solare Hotels



   - Presentation is 30 minutes including discussion

   December 13 (Thursday); First day

   December 14 (Friday)   ; Second day  

   PROGRAM of presentations (version 3.0, revision expected)


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